Wild! 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Out March

8 December 2018

Wild! SleeveIt's been almost a decade since the last remastered and extended album re-release, but following on from The Innocents, it has been announced that 2019 will see the release of 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Wild!. Released in a deluxe 2-CD hardback book package, and to download, this edition features the original album, fully remastered, on one disc and then a selection of b-sides, remixes and rarities on the the other. Tracklisting is below.

CD1 – Remastered

  1. Piano Song – Instrumental
  2. Blue Savannah
  3. Drama!
  4. How Many Times?
  5. Star
  6. La Gloria
  7. You Surround Me
  8. Brother And Sister
  9. 2000 Miles
  10. Crown Of Thorns
  11. Piano Song

CD2 – B-sides, remixes & rarities

  1. Sweet Sweet Baby – The Moo Moo Mix
  2. Drama! – Richard Norris Mix*
  3. Blue Savannah – Mark Saunders 12" Mix
  4. Piano Song – Live At The London Arena*
  5. Runaround On The Underground – Remix
  6. How Many Times? – Alternative Mix*
  7. Supernature – Daniel Miller & Phil Legg Remix
  8. Star – Soul Mix
  9. No G.D.M. – Unfinished Mix
  10. Drama! – Act 2
  11. Brother And Sister – Live At The London Arena*
  12. Dreamlike State – 7" Acappella Mix*
  13. You Surround Me – Gareth Jones Mix
  14. 91 Steps – 6 Pianos Mix

* Previously unreleased track.

The album is now available to pre-order.

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  1. Cannot wait great addition will be ordering soon as possible.

    Posted by John m
    13 December 2018 9:57 pm (GMT)
  2. Is Star a different mix? The drums appear on the left channel and it sounds thinner overall to the rest of the album. I’ve compared to all other releases I have but the drums are central.

    Posted by Paul
    31 March 2019 10:58 pm (GMT)

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