World Be Gone Review – First Impressions

12 May 2017

I am a lucky chap - I've heard World Be Gone a week early! Yesterday evening I took to Twitter to "live tweet" my thoughts on the album during my first play through and below is a summary of my tweets.

01. Love You To The Sky

Track 1: Love You To The Sky. You've all probably heard this one already. Gonna see if the album version is different to the single mix

Sounds a bit crisper - but maybe because it's not an MP3. Not my favourite Erasure single in all fairness, but it's certainly a grower...

So far it's the same as the version we already own (no single edit or cuts to length). I can hear more in the mix (lossless for you)

02. Be Careful What You Wish For!

Beautiful, simple intro. Lush synths. Intricate synths. Nice chorus, now the beat kicks in.

Punchy "be careful what you wish for" vocals. Haunting woahs in the middle 8. Almost chant like backing vocals. It's like a real warning...

"Put me to the test - think about it baby". Almost chant like. Got a dark undertone, but still uplifting (if that makes sense). Really nice!

Arrangement is perhaps a like Snow Globe-esque, but with a punchier bass.

03. World Be Gone

Lovely powerful drums, plinky synths (very Nightbird-esque).

Warm synths lift the chorus. "And as I saw you standing there, holding your head in your hands"

Some cracking lyrics in this song. It's hauntingly beautiful. Spiritual, tribal, wonderful. Loving the arrangement too. Understated...

This is my favourite so far. "Will it tie us to the mast of our souls". Lovely!

04. A Bitter Parting

Spiralling synths, powerful drums, building up to a powerful declaration "a bitter parting". Lots of layered backing vocals - like a chant

Getting a Snow Globe vibe again in the arrangement (but more refined... and not 8-bit!).

Great chord progression. Drum is like a heartbeat - boom, boom. "Such sweet sorrow - but I guess we'll be just fine". Still uplifting!

05. Still It's Not Over

I'm guessing you've all heard this one already though... :D

I really love this one. Great Moby like piano arrangement. Strong lyrics about the gay rights movement. "We made a miracle". Yes, you did!

Some of the reverb in the chorus is a bit strong - doesn't sound as noticeable here though. Doesn't stop this being a top track though...

Each listen I love the backing vocals in the chorus more. Oh @AndyBell_info... such talent!

The tracks so far just end - no fading out. Been like that for many albums now. It's almost as if Vince's laptop doesn't have the option :P

06. Take Me Out Of Myself

Let's hear how this compares to the live acoustic version I heard in Birmingham in November...

It sounds nothing like the acoustic version! Understated step-like arrangement (which is mostly bass). Popping synths...

Lots of reverb on the vocals. Nice backing vocal counter melodies (as per the live performance). It's feels more sombre than the live one

It's got a sadder vibe than I picked up in Birmingham. A beat is progressing it - creating a sense of urgency. Oh, it's gone again! :D

I like it more than the live one. It's more layered and has a fully, lusher sound. Quite whimsical too. Really sweet...

07. Sweet Summer Loving

Echoy, plinky intro (I'm good as describing this aren't I!). Oooh the bassline really kicks in! The vocals have a real punch.

Verses back to being stripped down. Again has a sombre tone in the verses but the choruses bring in the light. "Baby you're a blessing"

"I won't try to let you bring me down". So many layers to the vocals - lush! Not a million miles from I Say I Say I Say in that regard

Another non-fadey ending. Maybe it's just me, but I like fade endings - otherwise they can feel a bit abrupt. Maybe I just want more!

08. Oh What A World

Oooh, a dark foreboding intro. Sounds like an alarm going off. Low menacing vocals! Almost robotic! Slow delivery. Unlike any other E-song!

So dark! Depeche Mode-esque dare I say? "Hide behind your fake words". A real protest song. Rich, phat bassline. Love it!

Woah-oh-oh-ohs spiralling in the background. "No-one out there wants to see the things I see". Nice counter vocals as the song concludes

"A million voices go unheard... Oh, what a world!". From the title I was expecting something more anthemic. Instead it's dark and strong

Not dark in a depressing way of course... We're not listening to Morrissey here!

09. Lousy Sum Of Nothing

Ticking clock intro - which chimes. "Reads like a sordid affair - and people don't know how to care". Andy's got his finest lyrics going on here...

Oh what a chorus! Powerful, gospel, rich - "how do you feel now? Look me in the eye".

Such a strong message here - this is up there as one of my favourites from the album. So strong, so emotional. The boys have really done it

"What do you feel now? The world has lost its lovin'. You're not going to criticise the injustice in the world". Wonderful.

Chorus is as rich and lush as Rock Me Gently, but more powerful. Great, great stuff! Argh - it ends too abruptly/too soon again! #iwantmore

10. Just A Little Love

Aha! A bit of tempo. Can't sit still in my chair. Bass drum in the verse, gonna grow in the chorus - ah, yes! Loads more lush backing vocals

Still a tad sombre - "tell me that this is not the end, it's only the start". It's got more tempo but not as euphoric as Love You To The Sky

Still, it's sweet and innocent - got a bit of a summertime feel it. Oh, and it ends too soon again (I guess I just keep wanting more!)


So that's it! First impressions - very strong, very lush, I expect most songs to be growers rather than instant classics with most people

Really enjoying the quality of the lyrics, the layered production and the beautiful backing vocals. It doesn't sound like Erasure 2 to me

Got a bit of a I Say I Say I Say meets Snow Globe vibe, but don't get me wrong - this album is no clone of any other album. It's unique

Love You To The Sky aside it won't get you dancing, but it's got so much to offer you won't care. I guess it nods to Erasure album a tad

Thank you all for joining in and making this a special occasion for me. I was really nervous no-one would be participating!

I'd be lying if I said I hadn't listened to the album several times since then! Only a week until the official release - and I can say with confidence that I think this album will go down well with the fanbase!

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  1. I enjoyed this evening yesterday LIVE on your Twitter account!
    Great to read LIVE all your comments about the songs.
    Sometimes I felt to hear the music!
    For me it’s the best review I read till now.

    Posted by Bruno –
    12 May 2017 8:34 pm (GMT)
  2. Thanks for this precious appetiser for V&A’s new album! It seems you really feel the ‘soul’ of this new one, which is (thankfully) calmer after the excellent but very energetic TVF. It’s always a good thing when they decide to record more reflective stuff to show people that they are so much more than a shaking duo. I sincerely don’t miss fade-endings in LATEOTW, so that’s not a problem to me.

    Posted by Chabacano
    13 May 2017 2:14 am (GMT)
  3. Thanks for your review Onge. Always been a pleasure visiting your site over the years. Terrific work.

    Posted by Rob Thornsby
    17 May 2017 4:37 pm (GMT)
  4. Definitely a decent album, all songs pretty good, no real standout track though.

    My other observation is the sound quality, it sounds muffled and not very clean and on some tracks Andy Bell sounds like he has a bad lisp, the worst track for that being the title track.

    As with most modern releases the tracks have been brick walled to death, which probably explains the issues with the sound.

    At times I do wonder if anybody listens the the final mastered versions of albums before they get pressed.

    Posted by Gary Hunter
    20 May 2017 9:30 am (GMT)
  5. Great Album very reminiscent of I say I say I say with a touch of snow the way erasure can modify their albums as they know they have a fantastic fan base and never dissappoint. Gutted they won’t be touring in preston though go every yr.all said love the album.

    Posted by John m
    31 May 2017 6:23 pm (GMT)
  6. Haven’t heard it yet, as my cassette (for driving purposes) is still on its way, and my record player is covered with wife’s and daughter’s birthday cards. I like a track to just end, as it does live. Fade in and out was only invented for radio so the DJ could talk over the top and stop you taping it. As for mentioning Depeche Mode, probably half the Erasure fanbase likes their work up to and including Violator, a period when we knew they were great but everyone else didn’t get it. What baffles me is how they have gone on to be a worldwide stadium band when there modern work is not up the standard of the 80s. Perhaps cornering the market in “disaffected youth everywhere – and Germans”, as Martin Gore put it, gave them a much wider fanbase than Erasure – who of course will always be amazing.

    Posted by Paul UK
    7 June 2017 11:20 am (GMT)
  7. World Be Gone is in the same vein as Depeche Mode’s Spirit, but with marginally less blackness. It’s a depressing commentary on the first 17 years of this century that experienced songwriters like Vince Clarke and Martin Gore feel they can’t pen anything even remotely cheerful anymore. The innocent optimism that greeted the opening of the Millennium Dome was shattered by the Twin Towers and things have been going downhill ever since. Love You To The Sky and Just A Little Love are more upbeat, but the eight songs in between – though covering hugely important subjects in a way that appeals to our seemingly disappearing sense of humanity, and brilliant lyrically – would be hard going at a concert. Much like Spirit.

    Posted by Paul UK
    7 June 2017 10:38 pm (GMT)

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