What We Know About The Next Erasure Album

4 May 2016

It's always an exciting time when you learn that the next Erasure album is starting to come together and thanks to a collection of interviews and comments made by the band on Twitter, we can start piecing together what to expect from the new record.

So what we know about the next Erasure album? Well, the band met up in Florida in April to start writing songs having met up earlier in the year to discuss ideas for the album. And this tweet from Vince yesterday states that he and Andy are meeting today to continue working on the next release!

It is understood that Andy is meeting with Vince today at his studio in New York to start recording vocals.

It appears that the band will be self-producing the album according to this tweet from Vince:

The "in that direction" comment is in response to being asked if the new album is to be the spiritual successor to the band's 1995 album Erasure, which has been mentioned a few times by the band previously. In a recent interview conducted by Phil Marriott, Andy stated that the album isn't totally going to a modern version of Erasure however:

I thought it was going to be [a follow up to Erasure] but so far it seems like a kind of trance [music] – and very laid back. I'm very excited by the music, I think it's the best music Vince has done for ages.

Andy, March 2016

The laid back vibe is echoed by Vince's tweet to the Erasure4rum, stating that the album will have sparsely used percussion:

So when can we expect the album to be released? A winter 2016 release date is not impossible, although I wouldn't be surprised if the album is finally released early in 2017. Next year seems more likely given all the vinyl re-issues that have been released this year, as well as the forthcoming (but so far missing in action) anthology to mark the band's 30th anniversary. Whilst there are still plans for a one-off event/concert to mark the band's three decades together, a full blown tour to promote the new album seems unlikely as Andy explained to the Manchester Evening News:

We have no plans to tour yet because Vince’s child is in school and he needs to keep him there! It’s not out of the question that we might tour.

Andy, February 2016

So, anyone else excited yet? How do you feel about a low-tempo vibe for the next album? Leave your comments below.

UPDATE 10th July: 2017 release date officially confirmed, along with a probably tour! Roll on next year!

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  1. Excited? Much? Extremely ?

    Cant bloody wait!!!

    Posted by richyrandall
    4 May 2016 8:51 pm (GMT)
  2. Well, ‘laid back’ doesn’t necessarily mean down tempo. It could still be relatively danceable yet have a dreamy, ethereal quality. The eponymous album was like that. Think of ‘Angel’. So I look forward to at least some laid back and dreamy up-tempo songs.

    Posted by Brandon
    4 May 2016 11:08 pm (GMT)
  3. I am OK with the low-key drum percussions as I consider ERASURE’ sound is often too heavy with the beats.

    “Erasure II” and Trance orientations are cool for me, too


    Posted by Erwann Le GARREC, France
    5 May 2016 10:56 am (GMT)
  4. Anything that isn’t as high tempo as The Violet Flame wpulse be considered laid back however I personally I wouldn’t go for a lower key album like I Say x3. Just my opinion though

    Posted by Chris
    6 May 2016 7:00 am (GMT)
  5. Great news would love to hear another follow up to the eponymous erasure,ERASURE album it has to be my favourite album long interludes great synths thoughtful vocals .also happy it’s going to be self produced .

    Posted by John m
    12 May 2016 1:53 pm (GMT)
  6. Yes, this is exciting. Based on the description, I’m imagining the album to be along the lines of Boy Georges 2010 “Ordinary Alien.” Just my guess, but only time will tell. — Can’t wait to hear it!

    Posted by milo
    5 June 2016 12:26 am (GMT)
  7. after building up some steam gaining new fans with their last couple of albums violet flame and always the best of, do we really need another experimental and slower album? Let’s be honest Erasure, Loveboat and Snow Globe didn’t exactly set the world on fire with fans and critics, I really hope its not another step backwards, Erasure are at their best when they do the up tempo songs, another dance album like the violet flame with Richard X as producer again would have been perfect for fans and their 30th anniversary, not sure about the direction of the new album, I hope I’m wrong.

    Posted by Burt
    9 June 2016 8:49 am (GMT)
  8. Excited about this album, and can’t wait to see what they come up with, but while we are all waiting, It’s time to release “Bells of Love” as a single. — Song needed at this time!

    Posted by milo
    17 June 2016 8:19 pm (GMT)
  9. Very excited, as always, to hear new erasure stuff. An as long as they never repeat the production on Tomorrow’s World I’ll be happy.

    Posted by Paraic
    5 July 2016 1:32 pm (GMT)
  10. After TVF a chilled out trance vibe sounds amazing. Beats to the minimum but if it is anything like Automatic PtII but with Dingers vocals it could be spectacular ?

    Posted by Chris S
    8 July 2016 11:51 pm (GMT)
  11. I can’t wait! I hope they tour and have ”Chorus” in the next one!

    Posted by The TRUE Royal SCP
    11 July 2016 10:54 pm (GMT)
  12. Given the work done with Jean-Michel Jarre and Vince being an absolute Analogue Synth Genius a Trancy direction is more of the future we are currently experiencing in the music dance scene. Time for Vince to show the “Tiesto’s” and “Armin’s” of this Planet whom is the true master when it comes to producing. Very excited to hear what Synth sounds will be created with all the arrangements to follow. Gonna be an epic work of Art.

    Posted by Kobus van Staden (South-Africa)
    19 July 2016 11:11 am (GMT)
  13. Just to have another erasure CD will be great to look forward to and add to the collection. I am sure it will be another great success.

    Posted by Paul
    23 July 2016 4:06 pm (GMT)
  14. V excited as always about a release just glad they aren’t working with frank music again

    Posted by Elliott p
    6 August 2016 9:12 pm (GMT)
  15. Why do erasure fans not like Frankmusik? Tommorows world is a decent album and had a fresh new sound with some different ideas, if there’s a producer fans should dislike it should be Gareth Jones, OPS, LATEOTW and Snowglobe, Poor albums all produced by Jones who seems to be Vince Clarkes yes man, he has no idea or input on how to move erasure forward or in a new direction.

    Posted by Burt
    9 August 2016 10:36 pm (GMT)
  16. A new abba-esque album will be better than a new erasure ’95 similar album.

    Posted by Balicio
    13 October 2016 8:05 pm (GMT)

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