From Moscow To Mars Box Set Details Revealed

1 September 2016

From Moscow To Mars sleeveThe wait is almost over – October will finally see the release of the much anticipated 30th anniversary anthology box set entitled From Moscow To Mars. The box set is jam packed with content including 12 CDs containing singles, b-sides, remixes, live tracks and rarities as well as the Wild! concert on DVD for the first time. The box set also includes other extras including:

  • 48-page hardback book
  • Six exclusive postcards
  • Commemorative stamp book
  • Two 12" art prints
  • A space passport
  • A space food container

Other merchandise such as a tote bag and t-shirts will also be released as part of the From Moscow To Mars project.

The box set will be released in October with pre-orders starting at 6pm BST on Friday 2nd September.

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  1. It’s certainly a very precious item for huge fans, but it’s impossible to ignore the absence of Phantom Bride 2009 Remaster, since it is an official single by them in my opinion, and the presence of three repeated tracks in this boxset, Boy (acoustic), HIGIA and Fill Us With Fire… Not to mention that some essential non-single album tracks were forgotten here, such as Push Me Shove Me, Hideaway, All Through The Years and Catch 22, but in fact each fan probably would make their own “perfect” curated disc if MUTE would decide to ask our opinion.

    Posted by Chabacano
    5 September 2016 6:41 pm (GMT)
  2. On Erasure’s Facebook page one expert Erasure fan spotted an error on the rarities disc. (Let’s hope this is the only one and not like the debacle of the Dead of Alive box set where the manufacturer had to replace 11 of 19 discs due to errors) The rarities disc was labeled to include the unreleased Beatmaster’s mix of Moon and Sky and instead includes the less than rare Millionaires Radio Edit.

    Posted by Andrew Edwards
    13 December 2016 12:31 am (GMT)
  3. Yes confirmed the Moon and the Sky Beatmaster’s remix is indeed the Millionaire’s radio edit. Many fans who wanted an unreleased mix are going to be very disappointed

    Posted by Andrew Edwards
    13 December 2016 2:00 am (GMT)
  4. Another avid Erasure fan wrote: Is it just me or are some of the “new” tracks just mislabeled? For example, “Breath of Life (Joey Beltram Remix)” sure seems like it’s the old Umbilical Mix from the US CD single. Contacted the Erasure website about this the 2nd error pertaining to the boxset

    Posted by Andrew Edwards
    13 December 2016 10:40 pm (GMT)
  5. Got this message from Richard at EIS

    Thanks for the message and apologies for any confusion. I have checked this one with the label and the confusion seems to originate from The Beatmasters themselves who also work under the Millionaires name from time to time. When they checked the remix on the boxset for us they identified it as The Beatmasters Remix but it appears that the fact they had already released it as the Millionaires Edit was overlooked… in fact to be honest the error is actually on the Moon & The Sky EP where the remix should have been attributed to The Beatmasters in the first place!

    Either way it still counts as a rarity,

    Posted by Andrew Edwards
    14 December 2016 1:38 pm (GMT)
  6. Also just a labeling issue with the Joey Betran Remix of Breath of Life. The complete name is the Joey Beltran Umbilical Cord Mix. So just labeled differently

    Posted by Andrew Edwards
    14 December 2016 1:40 pm (GMT)

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