The Violet Flame Remixes Vinyl Announced

15 March 2015

The Violet Flame Remixes SleeveThe band have announced the release of a limited edition red coloured 12" vinyl EP entitled The Violet Flame Remixes, which will be released on the 18th April. The EP is exclusive to Record Store Day (the annual celebration of independent record shops), is limited to just 700 copies and includes a total of six remixes, four of which are previously unreleased. Those who buy the EP will also receive a code that will allow them to download all the tracks.

The specifics of how to purchase this EP have yet to be released but don't expect to be able to buy online - Record Store Day is all about going to your nearest participating shop. The EP will be available in the USA and Europe, although where best to shop for this released has yet to be confirmed.

You wait years for an Erasure vinyl and then two come along at once - although I suspect for many getting your hands on a copy of The Violet Flame Remixes is going to be very tricky indeed!


  1. Be The One - Paul Humphreys Remix
  2. Under the Wave - The Car Crash Set Remix
  3. Smoke & Mirrors - Factory Floor Remix
  4. Elevation - Jack Antonoff Remix
  5. Sacred - Phil Marriott & Rich B Remix Edit
  6. Paradise - Superhumanoids Remix

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  1. It’s super that will be released a remix album The Violet Flame, but how do I buy when I am from the Czech Republic. It’s quite a bit unfair.

    Posted by Zdenek Pes
    15 March 2015 12:45 pm (GMT)
  2. Hello could you find out. Several people on Erasure’s Facebook page complaining they bought this rare vinyl release and had no code for downloading.

    Posted by Andrew
    19 April 2015 9:42 pm (GMT)
  3. Hi Andrew,

    Richard from the EIS has just posted this on Facebook about missing download codes:

    I just wanted to say that everyone who contacted me via PM or by email over the weekend about the missing download codes on some of the US batch of RSD vinyls has now had a reply from me.

    If anyone else has a copy without a download code then please email me at richard at erasureinfo dot com and I will help you too…

    Posted by Onge
    20 April 2015 9:54 am (GMT)
  4. Were can I buy this?

    Posted by kylie
    7 May 2015 7:14 pm (GMT)
  5. Unfortunately these remixes are only exclusive for Record Store Day. However I have heard them online and except for the 2 mixes that were already released Be the One (The Paul Humphries Remix) and Sacred (Phil Marriott & Rich B Remix, this one is an edit of the full remix) the other 4 on this vinyl are very average and nowhere near the high quality of the mixes released on the single maxi CD’s or the limited remixed Violet Flame disk. Don’t worry about getting them, listen to the mixes previously released.

    Posted by Andrew
    10 May 2015 4:24 pm (GMT)

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