Sacred Single To Be Released In March

23 January 2015

Sacred SleeveThe much awaited third and final single to be taken from The Violet Flame will be fans' favourite Sacred and will be available on CD and via download from 16th March.

The single contains nine remixes from the likes of Chris Cox, Black Light Odyssey and Phil Marriott & Rich B and will also include the winner of the remix competition (which is still to be announced at time of writing). Sadly there is no b-side... but you can't have everything!

Tracklisting can be found below:


  1. Sacred - Single Mix
  2. Sacred - Chris Cox Remix
  3. Sacred - Vibora Park Remix
  4. Sacred - Black Light Odyssey Remix
  5. Sacred - Phil Marriott & Rich B Remix
  6. Sacred - Chris Cox Dub
  7. Sacred - 88Ninety’s StellarMix8 Vox Remix
  8. Sacred - Blend Remix Competition Winner
  9. Sacred - Live Rehearsal Version

The CD version can now be pre-ordered from Lexer Music.

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  1. This band.will always be underestimated. But hey THATS WHAT MAKES TheM COOL AS FOOK!!!!!!!

    Posted by beth morris
    24 January 2015 8:42 pm (GMT)
  2. Sacred is really an INCLASYS (instantaneous classic synthpop song)!

    P.S.: Dead of Night should be released as 4th single!!!!

    Posted by Chabacano
    25 January 2015 8:55 pm (GMT)
  3. Sacred great track as with all violet flame tracks should really get the recognition it deserves! Erasure now going from strength to strength! Would love to see another cheeky b side in there though?!

    Posted by john magee clitheroe lancs
    28 February 2015 10:18 pm (GMT)

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