New Releases To Mark Band's 30th Anniversary

5 September 2015

Andy and Vince working together in 1985The 2nd of September marked 30 years since the release of the band's debut single Who Needs Love (Like That) and to celebrate three decades of Erasure, the band are set to release some new material starting this October and running right into 2016.

Whilst many of the details are still to be confirmed, here's what's been officially announced:

  • In October, a new version of Sometimes (remixed by David Wrench) will be released as a CD single and via download
  • This will be followed by a new 3-CD compilation Always - The Very Best of Erasure which will contain a CD of some of the band's singles and two discs of new, classic and rare remixes
  • Next year will see the release of a celebratory anthology box set
  • Also in 2016, several albums will be reissued on 180g heavyweight vinyl
  • The possibility of other, as yet unconfirmed, releases

So, what do you make of that? Which release excites you the most?

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  1. I personally dislike hits collection and don`t buy them, but I think a hits collection should have all the singles. I am far more interested in the CD reissues. I was also expecting something new (like a new single or EP) and a b-sides collection.

    Posted by Sergio
    6 September 2015 12:25 pm (GMT)
  2. I’m really looking forward to hearing the new remix of Sometimes! Probably my favourite song of theirs and the one that got me in to them, along with some of the tracks from Wonderland.

    I’m after vinyl mostly. I’m happy to get all of their albums. Hope they don’t go down the remastering route and burn the dynamics out. The vinyls are for audiophiles and shouldn’t have over amplified sounds on them.

    I hope they release Pop 40! on vinyl (With all the recent singles on it as well) Would be eight or nine vinyls to achieve the best sound quality, but Mute have done this kind of thing so well over the years, and this would be my own personal ‘holy grail’

    The recent 3 CD reissues were very good and think to continue these is a must, the extra tracks and concerts made these releases a must-have item. Would also like to see the next batches of the CD singles boxes made available too

    Exciting times ahead!


    Posted by paul
    6 September 2015 3:21 pm (GMT)
  3. Another hits compilation? Could we get a complete b-sides collection? I’m tired of making my own and it would be nice to have some of the older stuff remastered.

    Posted by Brian
    6 September 2015 8:31 pm (GMT)
  4. A comp couldn’t be called ‘Always – The Very Best of Erasure’ without some of their many great non-single tracks like ‘Push Me Shove Me’, ‘Hideaway’, ‘Phantom Bride’, ‘Brother and Sister’, ‘Waiting for the Day’, ‘All Through the Years’, ‘Rescue Me’, ‘Save Me Darling’, ‘Catch 22’, ‘Goodnight’, ‘Sweet Surrender’, ‘How My Eyes Adore You’, ‘I Lose Myself’, ‘Loving Man’ and ‘Paradise’, and some of their great b-sides. Therefore, this new comp is the reason why I will do my own 30th anniversary one! Humph!

    Posted by Chabacano
    11 September 2015 12:42 am (GMT)
  5. Did you ever listen to pop2! ? Give it a try! It’s a truly wonderful comp!!!

    Posted by Chabacano
    11 September 2015 1:29 am (GMT)
  6. Slightly disappointed with the new Sometimes remix. Was hoping for something a little more adventurous. It just sounds like a remaster with a tweak.

    When you consider this against the Hamburg Mix, August Mix and the Always (2009 Mix) that have been on the previous singles compilations this one doesn’t really hit the mark. I’m mostly disappointed as Sometimes is probably my favourite Erasure track and I was looking forward to being blown away.

    Hopefully the single or radio promos may have what I’m looking for on it

    Posted by paul
    11 September 2015 6:46 am (GMT)
  7. I am hoping a compilation album of B sides will be released as part of Erasure’s 30th celebration.

    Posted by Louise
    17 September 2015 9:03 pm (GMT)
  8. For the many who have questions or criticisms about another Erasure Best of hits and remixes package, Andy Bell in a recent interview reveals the way this collection developed. For me who wants a B-sides collection. It seems BMG, Mute’s new owner only thinks B-side collections are for groups who are broken up. See excerpts from the interview bellow:

    Question: Always – The Very Best of Erasure’ is released at the end of October. Who decided what tracks went on the CD, was it yourselves or the Record Label?

    Andy: Mute got bought again by BMG, the Erasure catalogue is a bit spread out because we have been with so many different labels in the US and different parts of the world, so we don’t necessarily get the publicity or the big promotion that other bands might get, but at the same time it’s given us a certain amount of longevity. Now that BMG is on board again they wanted to re-release the catalogue because its 30 years.
    Question: Did you have a list of favorite remixes to include on the deluxe package?

    Andy: No, they asked us in the beginning, they asked if we had any recommendations. My partner, because he is in nightclubs he knows loads of people who do remixes. I put a name forward which was one guy from ‘Thunderpuss’ but BMG wasn’t into it , so we just left it to them to choose who they wanted.

    Question: What sort of material can the fans expect in the box set?

    Andy: I don’t know it depends on which part of the catalogue they own, obviously they are going to put hit singles on the first one but it’s a bit tricky for us choosing which of the more recent ones to include, there has been quite a few but people might not necessarily know them. The second CD has remixes that I particularly liked from the past and there were ones that Vince reworked for the ‘Violet Flame’ tour that were based on mixes that I really liked, so they are including some of those and a few new ones.
    I think before it was going to be a B-Sides thing, but they seem to think that a B-Sides project is for when the band has broken up. They keep trying to repackage things and give a certain amount of fresh material included that fans haven’t had before or were only available on a vinyl issue or a ’12 inch. People seem to like when they repackage things and put it in a nice box now.

    Posted by Andrew Edwards
    19 September 2015 7:35 pm (GMT)
  9. This interview also might explain why certain remixes don’t show up like Sometimes [Extended Shiver Mix], A Little Respect [12” Vocal], Stop [Justin Strauss Unreleased Mix], Blue Savannah [Out Of The Blue Mix], or Love To Hate You [Joe T. Vanelli Company Remix). These remixes were on promo or 12″ vinyl and commissioned by U.S. labels at the time like Elektra Records, WB records etc. From a recent Erasure newsletter, WB still owns the Erasure catalog in the U.S. and perhaps these commissioned remixes are not made available to the Mute Label UK previously an independent label, then owned by EMI and now owned by BMG. However this might explain all the musical gaps in terms of remixes and why some of these promo or vinyl mixes didn’t end up on the 4 EBX box sets in 1999 and 2001. Most music fans don’t always know the intricacies of music catalog ownership

    Posted by Andrew Edwards
    19 September 2015 7:38 pm (GMT)

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