New Erasure Album & World Tour Announced!

27 May 2014

New Erasure album The Violet FlameExciting times for all Erasure fans: a new album and world tour are only months away! Here's what has been officially announced about the forthcoming album:

  • The new album is entitled The Violet Flame and will be released 22nd September in the UK
  • The album will be available on CD, Double CD, as a Deluxe Box Set and via download
  • It contains 10 tracks and was recorded in New York and in London
  • The lead single will be available as a single track download in mid-July and on CD in September
  • Richard X has produced the album (he also mastered last year's Snow Globe album)
  • A sneaky preview video has been uploaded to YouTube

And as if that wasn't enough to get excited about, the band also announced that they will be embarking on a world tour, entitled The Violet Flame Tour, from September and will be performing in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany and Denmark (with other countries possibly being announced later). Tickets go on sale from 28th May - for more information see the Live Dates page within this site, or check out the Concerts page on the Official Erasure site.

The album, as well as other merchandise and concert tickets, can be ordered from PledgeMusic.

I'm officially excited! What about you? :D

UPDATE: Artwork has been released!

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  1. I am sooooooo flipping excited . Love the teaser you tube clip , sounds great . I wonder what sort of style the album will take ? The clip of the song sounds nice and upbeat and electronic . Can’t wait for more news !

    Posted by Ed Brandrick
    27 May 2014 9:02 pm (GMT)
  2. Wow, the clip sounds upbeat and vibrant. It’ll be a long summer waiting for The Violet Flame. Fantastic news for Erasure fans everywhere! Can we add one or two concert dates for East Anglia maybe?

    Posted by Roy Fearn
    27 May 2014 10:03 pm (GMT)
  3. Oh my! Lovely news :D

    Posted by Bj-Lydia
    27 May 2014 11:29 pm (GMT)
  4. Great news, they got Richard X to produce the new album and not Gareth Jones again, phew!!! this album should be another step in the right direction just like Nightbird and Tomorrows World.

    Posted by burt
    28 May 2014 4:26 am (GMT)
  5. A new sound at last, just what we need, I am so looking forward to this!

    Posted by steve
    28 May 2014 2:11 pm (GMT)
  6. Im made up just got my reservation for Manchester Apollo and just pre ordered the new album on delux box set off pledge music I cannot wait

    Posted by Adrian
    28 May 2014 2:13 pm (GMT)
  7. Superb news dont know the producer?! Would like it to be in the same vein of nightbird light at the end of the world. Was not really taken with tommorrows world although it was a good album. Cannot wait though until September!!

    Posted by john magee clitheroe lancs
    29 May 2014 9:09 am (GMT)
  8. So excited! I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t in love with Erasure.
    Yay! -Excited! :)

    Posted by Eric
    29 May 2014 12:56 pm (GMT)
  9. Gareth Jones is a honorary member of Erasure and he produced 3 great albums for the duo (“Wild”, “Cowboy” and “Light”), but I agree that it was a good idea to record this new one with another trendy producer. I just hope they didn’t have recorded a song to pay homage to Saint Germain. Heh heh heh.

    Posted by Chabacano
    29 May 2014 5:07 pm (GMT)
  10. Gareth Jones lacks new ideas and inspiration to be a producer, OPS, LATEOTW and Snow Globe with Jones as producer are some of Erasure’s weakest albums, that same old dated Erasure sound with blips and bleeps, any of these albums could have been released 20 years ago, Erasure are at their best when they work with new producers to create a new sound and bounce new ideas off each other. I am confident with Richard X on board as producer he will take Erasure forward and The Violet Flame will be up there with Erasure’s best albums.

    Posted by burt
    30 May 2014 1:32 pm (GMT)
  11. I believe Gareth Jones only produced the vocals for Snow Globe and the music was produced by Vince. And he did co-produce Erasure and Cowboy and they sound great (even if that was some time a go)!

    That said, I too am excited about Richard X and have high hopes for The Violet Flame!

    Posted by Onge
    30 May 2014 4:53 pm (GMT)
  12. New sound? I dont think so, rather boring synth…

    Posted by mac
    8 June 2014 5:56 pm (GMT)
  13. Nah boring were the synth sounds on LATEOTW and Snow Globe, Erasure had done it all before 20 years ago, Nightbird, Tomorrows World and The Violet Flame, all albums with a different new sound and a step in the right direction.

    Posted by burt
    10 June 2014 3:57 pm (GMT)
  14. Let us just say with me being a bit of a Richard X fan and knowing of him from back in the day with Liberty X and Sugababes among others and having his debut album, it will be a welcome change of direction akin to Tomorrow’s World was a fresh proverbial Breath of Life into the so called “sound” that I don’t think really exists but is more like DNA it evolves over time.

    Posted by AaronLancs
    20 June 2014 3:04 pm (GMT)
  15. Look at new cover. What is this? Voodoo style?!

    Posted by dede
    27 June 2014 7:24 pm (GMT)
  16. The clip on you-tube sounds great, and I’m excited for the new sound. Richard X will be able to take Erasure to new heights, and I’m very excited to hear what they’ve come up with.

    Although Gareth did a great job in the past with “Cowboy,” and “Wild,” perhaps he’s done all he can for the boys, and it’s time for them to work with someone new. I loved “Tomorrow’s World,” and can’t wait to hear this new stuff.

    As for the new album cover, not my cup of tea at all! I think a flower, or a wild looking fireplace, or even a tv screen with charactures of vince and andy would’ve been better than a skull. I just don’t like that cover, but I guess the important thing is the music inside!

    New Album and a tour! — Yup, got my tickets for Orlando! — see u there!

    Posted by milo
    29 June 2014 8:27 pm (GMT)
  17. The album sleeve is what it is, I am more interested in the music, I am hoping they are gonna release a stomping new single and video in July, I am also hoping Mute will promote and do all they can to get this release A-listed on Radio 2.

    Posted by burt
    2 July 2014 9:10 am (GMT)
  18. Any idea when the new single is to be released? A guide of mid-July was given initially but we are very close to that now. Hopefully, with Chris Evans selecting the boys to grace “Carfest” this Summer, he’ll give maximum exposure on Radio 2 to this new track when it finally surfaces.
    The Richard X factor is an exciting addition to this latest offering and all Erasure followers are hoping for a Summer belter!
    Cant wait, for the single,album & Nottingham gig!!

    Posted by Boston Duncan
    3 July 2014 9:32 pm (GMT)

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