Elevation EP Out In September

9 August 2014

Elevation sleeveWhilst the single-track download of Elevation (the lead single from the forthcoming new album The Violet Flame) has been out for a number of weeks, fans will no doubt be more interested to learn that Monday 15th September sees the release of Elevation on CD. This 9-track EP CD features a collection of remixes of the song and will be exclusively available from Lexer Music. Those who pre-order will receive a slipcase to house the CD, which has space for the other singles from the album to reside when they are released (looks like we'll be getting three singles from The Violet Flame then - and on CD!) as well as an immediate download of one of the tracks - namely the Extended Mix.


  • Elevation - Single Version
  • Elevation - Extended Mix
  • Elevation - BT Remix
  • Elevation - Cutmore Remix
  • Elevation - Club Clique Remix
  • Elevation - BT Dub Remix
  • Elevation - Cutmore Dub Remix
  • Elevation - Extended Instrumental
  • Elevation - Live Rehearsal Version

You can find out more, and pre-order the CD, from www.erasurethevioletflame.com.

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  1. Would of liked a new b-side song included but enough negativity as i am soooooooooo looking forward to this release. I personally think this song is the bands best release for a long time !

    Posted by Ed Brandrick
    10 August 2014 7:51 pm (GMT)
  2. I am not keen on remixes unless the song is worth having (not this case!). As there are no b-sides either, I won`t be bying this!

    Posted by Sergio
    11 August 2014 11:48 am (GMT)
  3. @ Sergio: I think the era of V&A recording extra tracks for B Sides is over as the remaining tracks that don’t go on the main album will go to waste and given that ‘chart eligibility’ is long gone with physical items, why not do a CD full of remixes and it offers better value for money in my view.

    Posted by Aaron
    11 August 2014 1:42 pm (GMT)
  4. Elevation is a decent song, I cant believe some of the negative comments its getting by some fans, I agree that since Always 20 years ago, Erasure’s first single releases from their albums have been hit and miss, however I rate Elevation up there with the better first single releases Breathe, Solsbury Hill, Gaudete and When I Start To Break It All Down.

    Posted by burt
    11 August 2014 6:05 pm (GMT)
  5. As Onge mentioned in his album review there are some strong contenders for those second and third single releases. My money is Sacred for one of them.

    Posted by Paul
    15 August 2014 5:36 am (GMT)
  6. @Aron: Someone mentioned (I think it was Onge!) that there were four extra tracks not included on the album. A single full of remixes will be great for a few funs, but really bad for those who are keen on b-sides and hate remixes (I do!). The very few singles that only contained remixes that I bought I only listened to once. So, really, I don`t see the point in bying them.

    Posted by Sergio
    16 August 2014 2:27 pm (GMT)
  7. Another week go’s by and Elevation is still not getting playlisted on BBC Radio 2, even though Erasure are headliners for Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans at carfest, and have almost sold out their UK tour dates, and also are appearing on the Terry Wogan show which is on Radio 2, so why are they still not getting any airplay? yet another 80’s band Deacon Blue who have sold nowhere near as many albums as Erasure and have not sold out their UK tour dates are currently A-listed on Radio 2 with their new single. The prejudice against Erasure within some areas of the music industry is a disgrace…….

    Posted by burt
    21 August 2014 3:08 pm (GMT)
  8. Elevation now on the Radio 2 B-playlist, phew…. you never they might shock us again and put in on the A-list in a couple of weeks.

    Posted by burt
    28 August 2014 5:14 pm (GMT)
  9. I am really looking forward to the tour and the album, and i do like the single, I don’t think it is classic Erasure the way breathe was, but i do like it and bodes well for the labum

    Posted by P Martin Elliott
    3 September 2014 2:56 pm (GMT)

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