Andy Bell Album iPop Out In May

26 April 2014

Andy Bell - iPop sleeveIt's official – Andy Bell's third solo album iPop will be released 12th May as a single and double album. Recorded in collaboration with dance duo Shelter, iPop is comprised of eight tracks, including the forthcoming single Beautiful, with the double album version containing extra tracks made up of a collection of remixes.

Unless previous Andy Bell solo albums, where Andy co-wrote every song (give or take), iPop is home to only two tracks Andy has had a hand in writing, namely Stars and Electrostatic. And then of course there is the song Lift Me Up, which sees a special guest appearance from Mr Vince Clarke!

Album Tracklisting

  1. Beautiful (DJ Jekyll Pianissimo Mix)
  2. Lift Me Up – featuring Vince Clarke (DJ Jekyll VC Album Mix)
  3. Stars (DJ Jekyll Radio Mix)
  4. Destination – featuring The Alpha Belles (Matt Pop Arabian Nights Mix)
  5. Electrostatic (DJ Jekyll Rapture Mix)
  6. Go Hard or Go Home (Matt Pop Disco Mix)
  7. Friend (DJ Jekyll Statepop Mix)
  8. In Somebody’s Arms (Matt Pop Ode De Moroder Mix)

Double Album Additional Tracklisting

  1. Beautiful (DJ RAM Cute Mix)
  2. Beautiful (DJ Jekyll Acoustic Mix)
  3. Beautiful (DJ Jekyll Black Key Angst Remix)
  4. Lift Me Up – featuring Vince Clarke (DJ Jekyll Extended Mix)
  5. Stars (DJ RAM Infinity and Beyond Extended Mix)
  6. Stars (Don Mueller Cosmic Arcadia Mix)
  7. Electrostatic (DJ Jekyll Deep Space Voyager Mix)
  8. Electrostatic (DJ Jekyll Chemical Mix)
  9. Electrostatic (DJ Jekyll Dr and Mr Mix)
  10. In Somebody’s Arms (DJ Jekyll Homeward Bound Fantasia Mix)

So what does everyone make of the news? Leave your comments below.

UPDATE: Previously it was stated that this album would be available on CD. Currently only download versions have been confirmed.

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  1. Beautiful.

    Posted by César López
    26 April 2014 8:09 pm (GMT)
  2. This is going to be the first time Andy let other folks write an entire album for him. Andy, the smart guy who knows that is craziness to write songs for three projects almost at the same time. No matter how intelligent he is, he just has one mind. And Erasure need this one healthy! And their fans too! And his lovely dog too!

    Posted by Chabacano
    27 April 2014 1:19 am (GMT)
  3. Come on lets have a physical CD release of this album, downloads are for the younger generation who wont even know who Andy Bell is.

    Posted by burt
    27 April 2014 3:47 pm (GMT)
  4. Loving the album , very fast and upbeat .

    Posted by Ed
    13 May 2014 7:50 pm (GMT)
  5. Currently listening to it for the 2nd time back to back and loving it. Fast-paced, Club and instantly accessible…wondering which to add to my dj playlist. Electrostatic is a bit marmite though.

    Posted by Allan Cooper
    20 May 2014 3:49 pm (GMT)
  6. beautiful & perfect

    Posted by Tom
    23 May 2014 2:02 pm (GMT)

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