Aftermath (Here We Go) Dave Audé / Andy Bell Single Out April

10 March 2014

Aftermath (Here We Go) Dave Audé featuring Andy Bell sleeveAs revealed in my recent Exclusive Andy Bell Interview, Andy has been collaborating and song-writing with American DJ and producer Dave Audé and 1st April sees the release of their first single working together. Entitled Aftermath (Here We Go) and available to download only, the song is sure to go down well in clubs and is available to pre-order now. It is unclear how this fits into Andy's third solo album, with the song primarily being a Dave Audé release, but I would gather this song will eventually end up being part of Andy's forthcoming new album. You can listen to the track on SoundCloud here.

Meanwhile Andy, Dave (and even Vince!) have been working with Shelter producing tracks for the solo album, which according to this article is set to be released in May.

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  1. Not bad, but it’s not the usual Andy kind of song :) Can’t wait for the new album tho!

    Posted by Bj-Lydia
    10 March 2014 7:47 pm (GMT)
  2. Im hoping that this is going to be the type of hi-NRG dance music sound thats going to be used on the next Erasure album, as for this song its ok, but as with recent Erasure singles its way too short at just over 3 minutes, it ends far too soon for me. Lets have some longer tracks please boys!!!

    Posted by burt
    13 March 2014 9:10 pm (GMT)
  3. Great song , hope Andys new album is as good as this ! Love the backing track and I suspect the extended mix will be better .

    Posted by Ed / Stafford
    14 March 2014 8:12 am (GMT)
  4. Now thats better, Aftermath here we go, the full 6.04 minutes long,original mix, what an amazing dance track, if this does’nt get Andy Bell any sort of recognition then nothing will, a million times better than anything from the last Pet Shop Boys Albums, Electric, Which had the critics drooling as usual.

    Posted by burt
    15 March 2014 5:34 pm (GMT)

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