Site Update: Poll 2012-13 Results Published

25 February 2013

The votes are in, have been counted and now I can finally reveal them to the world! Which album was voted the favourite? What song should've been a single? What is the best b-side? Stop reading this and head over to the Poll 2012-13 Results page to find out the answers to these, and more!

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  1. Cant beleive that Tomorrows World has taken a bit of a kicking in these new polls, im gobsmacked, all i can think of is working with Frankmusik, people dont like change, its a fantastic album, I Lose Myself would have been a single on any other Erasure abum from 1995 onwards, and the fact it was never released as a single, shows just how strong an album Tomorrows World is.

    Posted by Burt
    6 March 2013 3:14 pm (GMT)
  2. have to say loving the guys thru three decades and have all their stuff. but feel the albums from 86 to 94 ish were all fantastic. the late 90s stuff had sparkles of brilliance and were worth hearing and goodbut can’t say the whole albums apart from nightbird matched the quality of the early stuff. the new album-tomorrows world is good. good songs and i have the frankmusic solo albums and like them but frankmusic as an erasure producer was not an ideal fit and polarized people. see the reviews on this site. still love the guys live. still love their singles still love most of their albums but until they make quality albums like the early stuff and nightbird they will remain good albums with some great tracks only

    Posted by Pmr31
    13 April 2013 7:05 pm (GMT)
  3. I like Nightbird its a good album, but Tomorrows World was a huge step in the right direction with a young producer and has 5 or 6 superior songs which could have all been singles and that has’nt happend since the Chorus album. As for Frankmusik he did a great job as producer a million times better that the hugely overrated Gareth Jones(Other Peoples Songs,LATEOTW) bringing Erasure into the 21st Century with a more modern and fresher sound but most fans just wanted that same boring old skool Gareth Jones/ Erasure sound.

    Posted by burt
    14 April 2013 7:59 pm (GMT)
  4. I sang in the erasure tribute ‘Eraser’ for 12 fun yrs here in the UK and we found that most fans loved whatever the band did for them. I loved singing such iconic songs. Loveboat was a low but even that album has hi lights! I loved Catch 22 it should have been the first single! My top 3 songs change from day to day but the fans loved respect, drama and fingers and thumbs…We met Andy and Vince three or four times and they were very complementary on our attempts at such amazing productions. Vince has that great dry English sense of humour and Andy was a shy, introvert off stage but great to chat to. Erasure fans are the nicest people you could meet and it was an honour to promote them in over 300 gigs. I am halfway through a book called ‘Diary of a Tribute Band’ about the fun and scrapes we had during our spell in the great duo’s shadow. My first novel called ‘Brothers of Justice’ will be out soon on Amazon. Take a look folks…love to u all. STEW AND ANDY.

    Posted by stew jeens
    15 June 2013 5:47 pm (GMT)

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