Limited Edition Snow Globe Box Set Announced

23 September 2013

Erasure Snow Globe SleeveHot on the heals of the announcement of the Snow Globe tracklisting, today it was announced that there will also be a limited edition box set of the album released, which comes with 3 CDs and a host of Christmas themed goodies. Exclusive to Lexer Music and available to buy via pre-order only, the box set contains the Snow Globe album, a CD of exclusive tracks (including 2013 re-workings of She Won't Be Home and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen) and a CD containing The Erasure Christmas Radio Show. It also includes items such as a festive tree bauble, desktop calendar, postcards, a Christmas card signed by Vince & Andy and more (to be announced in the coming days/weeks)! Further information can be found on the Erasure Snow Globe Microsite.

The box set will be released on 11th November 2013, along with the regular CD and digital versions of the album. The box set tracklisting is below:

CD1 - Snow Globe

  1. Bells Of Love (Isabelle's Of Love)
  2. Gaudete
  3. Make It Wonderful
  4. Sleep Quietly
  5. Silent Night
  6. Loving Man
  7. The Christmas Song
  8. Bleak Midwinter
  9. Blood On The Snow
  10. There'll Be No Tomorrow
  11. Midnight Clear
  12. White Christmas
  13. Silver Bells

CD2 - Bonus Disk

  1. Gaudete - A Cappella Version
  2. Stop The Cavalry - Acoustic Version
  3. Silent Night - Instrumental Version
  4. She Won't Be Home - 2013 Redux
  5. Make It Wonderful - Acoustic Version
  6. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - 2013 Redux
  7. White Christmas - Instrumental Version
  8. Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus - Spoken Word Piece

CD3 - The Erasure Christmas Radio Show

  1. Recorded Live Inside The Snow Globe

Don't forget - this is a limited edition release. If you want a copy, you'd better place a pre-order pronto!

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  1. It’s weird that they announce the album’s release date and not the single’s.

    Posted by Hernán Andújar
    23 September 2013 8:59 pm (GMT)
  2. The price of the boxset is a total rip-off!!!

    Posted by Sergio
    27 September 2013 7:10 pm (GMT)
  3. Dont buy it then, problem solved!!!

    Posted by burt
    1 October 2013 4:25 pm (GMT)
  4. It is just an opinion about the price of the boxset. I am entitled to it, I think!

    Posted by Sergio
    1 October 2013 8:18 pm (GMT)
  5. Box Set Pre-Ordered :) I don’t care about the price. Erasure are “Priceless”

    Posted by Karl
    1 October 2013 9:23 pm (GMT)
  6. What Hernan said. Why haven’t they announced the release date for the ‘Gaudete’ single yet??

    Posted by Brandon
    15 October 2013 6:52 pm (GMT)
  7. The first single, ‘Gaudete’, Erasure’s take on the traditional Latin carol is released on 16 December.

    Posted by Karl
    17 October 2013 8:23 pm (GMT)
  8. How much was it on Erasure’s site on pre-order? eBay has it for over 150$

    Posted by Armando
    28 December 2013 6:56 pm (GMT)

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