15 Years Of Onge's Erasure Page – New Site Launched!

1 December 2013

Today marks 15 years since I launched this very website and what better way to mark the occasion than to unleash a new version of Onge's Erasure Page to the world!

This new site has been designed to function better across a range of devices, from large-screened desktop monitors to tablets and smartphones as well as high resolution displays, whilst still offering an absolute wealth of Erasure related content and news! And what new site would be complete without some new content? Why not check out some new pages uploaded today along with the new site:

  • Exclusive Andy Bell Interview – I was lucky enough to interview Andy recently about Snow Globe and his and Erasure's plans for 2014.
  • Snow Globe Lyrics – If you've got your copy of Snow Globe and were looking for the lyrics in the sleeve notes, you'd be disappointed to notice they're nowhere to be found. Never fear - for they can found on this site! Also, check out the Snow Globe Lyrics Sheet created by Jens Pielawa you can print out and leave with your CD!
  • Snow Globe Review – I've published my review of this album, along with links to other reviews from across the internet. Why not submit a review of your own too!

Regular visitors to the site (all three of you!) might have noticed one or two pages are missing from the old site. Fear not, these will be returning in the coming weeks (I, um, kinda ran out of time for my self-imposed deadline!). And stay tuned for new content I'll be adding to the site during 2014!

So what do you think of the new site? Please leave your comments below, and/or vote in my self-indulgent Quick Poll.

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  1. Congrats Onge for all these years bringing us with information, photos, curiosities and everything about and around the best pop duo in the world music!
    So nice and proud to count with you to live and to share the Erasure history.
    Cheers from Brazil, great guy!

    Posted by Julio Cesar
    1 December 2013 7:50 pm (GMT)
  2. A great looking revamp,congratulations on 15 years,here’s to the next 15

    Posted by Pughie
    1 December 2013 7:57 pm (GMT)
  3. The new site looks really good! It takes some time to get used to it, but keep up the good work!

    Posted by Bj-Lydia
    1 December 2013 11:33 pm (GMT)
  4. All I can say now is I’m still missing the ‘I Say’ look… Sorry… Sniff, sniff… But your site certainly will continue to be a deservedly darling place for Erasure’s true fans!

    Best regards,


    Posted by Chabacano
    4 December 2013 3:36 am (GMT)
  5. Happy 15th Birthday to your site.

    Great work and have always loved the Erasure lozenge badge/font, takes me back to my youth!

    Love the revamp.

    Cheers, Allan

    Posted by Allan Cooper
    4 December 2013 3:34 pm (GMT)
  6. Hi Onge

    Lovely new design , nice and clean :)


    Posted by ASH-II
    8 December 2013 11:59 am (GMT)
  7. Thanks all! And Chabacano – I really wanted to keep the I Say theme too, but it just wasn’t working for what I had in mind. So rather than force myself to use it, I thought it would be best to use another design altogether…

    Posted by Onge
    8 December 2013 2:52 pm (GMT)
  8. Thanks for your reply, Onge. It’s your website so only you is able to know what you should do with it. Just ignore cheeky comments…

    But I’m still missing the ‘I Say’ look.

    Posted by Chabacano
    14 December 2013 12:38 am (GMT)
  9. One suggestion: To let folks who wrote reviews here edit those ones, ‘cos eventually one can regret of giving a high or low rate or can intend to edit their own review.

    Have a nice weekend, Onge!

    Posted by Chabacano
    15 December 2013 12:23 am (GMT)
  10. Oops. I should write “one can regret of giving a high or low rating”. Just another annoying rule of English Grammar. We have a lot of those ones on Portuguese language too…

    Posted by Chabacano
    15 December 2013 12:36 am (GMT)
  11. Hi Chabacano – thanks for the suggestion to allow users to edit their reviews. Unfortunately to implement that would be quite difficult. I’d need to allow users to create accounts so that they could only edit their own comments and then I fear a lot of people wouldn’t bother posting reviews at all as it would take longer having to create a password, verify their account via email, etc. If you would like to change any comments you’ve made, just drop me an email with the details of what you’d like to change and I’ll make the amends for you… :)

    Posted by Onge
    15 December 2013 12:44 pm (GMT)
  12. Ok, Onge. Thank you for the quick answer. Well, I surely understood your point of view.

    Posted by Chabacano
    15 December 2013 8:35 pm (GMT)
  13. Congratulations on 15 years Onge, amazing stuff.

    Posted by Tim Jordan
    1 March 2014 12:22 am (GMT)

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