Moon & The Sky Plus EP To Be Released 10th December

8 November 2001

After many months of speculation the second single to be taken from the Loveboat album is officially confirmed as Moon & The Sky and will be available from the 10th December. The single will be made up of a special extended CD and 12" which will be ineligible for the UK Charts, much like Rain Plus was in 1997. The 10 tracks on the CD (CDLP Mute 248) will be made up of five previously unreleased remixes of Moon & The Sky (with some new vocals being recorded for some of the remixes), the cover of Baby Love recorded for last year's Motown Mania compilation and acoustic recordings of Freedom, Alien, Where In The World and A Little Respect. The 12" (12 Mute 248) will feature a new remix of Perchance To Dream and Moon & The Sky. The full listing can be seen on the Moon & The Sky Plus page within this site.