Doubts Over Second Single And US Loveboat Releases

25 May 2001

With each passing month, it seems increasingly unlikely that a second single will be released from Erasure's recent Loveboat album. Moon & The Sky was rumoured to be the second Loveboat single with Andy and Vince said to have been in the studio to create a substantially reworked version of the song along with a new mix of Alien, with both mixes being potential singles. But as of yet, Mute have no plans to release either mix. Rumours have been flying about over the US version of Loveboat, where Erasure have reportedly recorded an original track (believed to be called Broken Star) to be included on the substantially different American version of Loveboat. The US version is said to include the bonus tracks of Better (the Freedom B-side) and covers of The Supremes's Baby Love and Melissa Etheridge's Come To My Window as well as the aforementioned remixed versions of Alien and Moon & The Sky. However it is also believed that Maverick are unimpressed by the adapted album version and are not keen to release it at all. It was even suggested the album would need a name change where Maverick would sink the title of Loveboat and opt for Moon & The Sky instead. I must stress however, none of this is anything but hearsay and we all know you can't believe everything you read.