Music Quiz

How quickly can you identify an Erasure song from a short audio clip? Put your knowledge to the test by playing this Music Quiz!

How it works

  • Each game lasts for 30 seconds and in that time you will hear a number of audio clips. Try to identify as many songs as you can in the time limit.
  • Selecting the correct answer right in the fewest attempts will score higher, with extra bonus points awarded for getting answers right quickly.
  • There are penalties for rapid wrong answers – you will need to get the balance between being fast and being correct to score well!
  • Once you've played why not add your best score to the Leaderboard to see how you compare with other fans!

Before you start

To ensure you can play this Music Quiz, check that your speakers/headphones are working correctly and that you can hear sound out of them. To test, play the demo audio clip by clicking here. If you can hear this file, you're ready to play!

It is strongly recommended you play this game via a wifi connection due to data needed to transfer the audio clips!