Past Quick Poll Results

Poll #84: Which Collaboration Excites You The Most?

Answer % Graph
Total votes: 144
Vince with Jean-Michel Jarre 72%
Andy with Dave Audé 28%

A pretty comprehensive victory for Vince teaming up with French electro legend Jean-Michel Jarre, with nearly three-quarters of the vote secured. Jarre's Electronica Р1 The Time Machine album featured two collaborations with Vince, whilst at the time of writing (Winter 2015) we are still awaiting the second single from Andy with Dave Aud̩ (let alone a whole album)...

Poll #83: What Would You Most Like To See Mark Erasure's 30th Anniversary?

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Total votes: 457
One-Off Concert 13%
Remastered Albums 9%
B-Sides Album 31%
DVD Of Unreleased Concerts 37%
Singles Box Set 5 & 6 8%
Vinyl Reissues 2%

Close fought for a while, but the option of having previously unreleased concerts on DVD proved too tempting for the majority. I'm not sure how many of these concerts exist in the Mute Vault (MK Bowl, Cowboy Concerts, Violet Flame Tour perhaps?) but it would be nice to see these released at some point in the future. The B-Sides album is also a popular choice and one that has been mentioned for many years now. Maybe one day it'll see the light of day...

Poll #82: Best Album Opener Of The 21st Century?

Answer % Graph
Total votes: 230
Freedom 5%
Solsbury Hill 6%
No Doubt 17%
Boy 1%
Sunday Girl 24%
Be With You 11%
Bells Of Love (Isabelle's Of Love) 10%
Dead Of Night 26%

With such a high calibre of songs in this category, I was expecting things to be a little closer but in the end only two songs ever looked like winning. Sunday Girl initially took the lead but eventually Dead Of Night come out as the clear winner. I'm a bit surprised that Solsbury Hill got so few votes - I thought it was more popular than that.

Poll #81: Best Lead Single Of The 2010s?

Answer % Graph
Total votes: 253
When I Start To (Break It All Down) 52%
Gaudete 11%
Elevation 37%

When you consider that Tomorrow's World split the fan base and that The Violet Flame has been largely very well received, it is perhaps surprising that When I Start To (Break It All Down) should be such a convincing winner, gaining over half of the total vote. I wonder if things would've been the same had Sacred been the lead single from The Violet Flame instead...

Poll #80: Should Sacred Be The Third Single From The Violet Flame?

Answer % Graph
Total votes: 284
Yes 68%
No 25%
Undecided 7%

I'd say that's a pretty comprehensive thumbs-up for Sacred, with over two-thirds of fans wanting it to be the third and final single taken from The Violet Flame album. In the end the majority got their wish. I wonder if the 25% of fans who voted no did so because they're not fond of Sacred of whether they would just prefer a different song to be released (probably a bit of both).

Poll #79: Best Track From The Violet Flame?

Answer % Graph
Total votes: 515
Dead Of Night 6%
Elevation 6%
Reason 15%
Promises 4%
Be The One 11%
Sacred 24%
Under The Wave 13%
Smoke & Mirrors 9%
Paradise 5%
Stayed A Little Late Tonight 7%

After the first few votes were cast, Sacred led by a massive margin and whilst this margin reduced over time it never looked like being caught ending up with almost a quarter of the total vote. The next three highest ranked tracks are my personal favourites so it's good to see I'm not alone in my fondness for these songs. Interesting to see Elevation receive so few votes - this very unusual for a lead single.

Poll #78: New Single Elevation Is:

Answer % Graph
Total votes: 362
Fantastic 41%
Good 33%
Average 14%
Weak 9%
Dreadful 3%

With nearly 75% rating the lead single from The Violet Flame as either fantastic or good it seems Elevation has received the thumbs-up from fans. That said, by comparison When I Start To (Break It All Down) (Poll #62) has a fantastic/good rating of 89%.