Past Quick Poll Results

Poll #94: Which Song Do You Prefer?

Answer % Graph
Total votes: 310
She Won't Be Home 81%
Bells Of Love (Isabelle's Of Love) 19%

Looks like I completely misjudged the fans' feelings towards these two self-penned Christmas tracks - it was never even a contest as She Won't Be Home stormed into a massive lead that it never lost.

Poll #93: Best Live Album?

Answer % Graph
Total votes: 216
The Erasure Show 30%
Acoustic Live 8%
Live At The Royal Albert Hall 25%
Tomorrow's World Tour 5%
World Be Live 32%

A very close run contest, but in the end it was the most recent live album, World Be Live that won by a narrow margin. I was a little surprised to see that The Erasure Show fought a close battle, but then I remembered you could buy the performance from the night you actually attended and I'm sure this has a lot of sentimental value to fans.

Poll #92: Best Track From World Beyond?

Answer % Graph
Total votes: 116
Oh What A World 22%
Be Careful What You Wish For! 11%
World Be Gone 20%
A Bitter Parting 11%
Still It's Not Over 5%
Take Me Out Of Myself 1%
Sweet Summer Loving 2%
Love You To The Sky 10%
Lousy Sum Of Nothing 8%
Just A Little Love 9%

Album opener Oh What A World takes the crown here with 22% of the vote, narrowly seeing off World Be Gone. Largely speaking the votes followed a similar pattern to the World Be Gone best track poll (see Poll #90) with the exception of previous winner Lousy Sum Of Nothing which comes 7th this time around. I agree with this assessment – the drab World Beyond rendition isn't in the same league as the brilliant original version.

Poll #91: Best Single From The World Be Gone Album?

Answer % Graph
Total votes: 185
Love You To The Sky 29%
World Be Gone 43%
Just A Little Love 28%

A worthy winner in my view with album title track World Be Gone winning by a clear margin. It's interesting though that this is the least radio-friendly of the singles (normally the more catchy songs end up victorious in these polls).

Poll #90: Best Track From World Be Gone?

Answer % Graph
Total votes: 511
Love You To The Sky 14%
Be Careful What You Wish For! 14%
World Be Gone 19%
A Bitter Parting 4%
Still It's Not Over 5%
Take Me Out Of Myself 1%
Sweet Summer Loving 2%
Oh What A World 12%
Lousy Sum Of Nothing 19%
Just A Little Love 10%

A fascinating poll which saw the lead change hands four times before Lousy Sum Of Nothing finally came out on top, beating title track World Be Gone by just two votes. I was surprised when Be Careful What You Wish For! took an early lead but in the end the best two tracks (in my opinion) were eventually voted first and second.

Poll #89: The New Single Love You To The Sky Is:

Answer % Graph
Total votes: 287
Fantastic 29%
Good 40%
Average 21%
Weak 9%
Dreadful 1%

A pretty strong showing from the lead single from World Be Gone, with 69% rating the song as either fantastic or good. That said, it's not as highly rated as Elevation (74%) or When I Start To (Break It All Down) (89%).

Poll #88: What Do You Think Of The World Be Gone Sleeve Artwork?

Answer % Graph
Total votes: 91
I love it 71%
I'm undecided 23%
I dislike it 6%

That's a pretty convincing thumbs up for the artwork of the latest Erasure album World Be Gone and in my view it's well deserved. And with only 6% stating they dislike the artwork, this might go down as one of the most popular sleeves in many a year.